It was great to see Erica, Roger, and Isabel again after a couple years since our last family photo session.  Since then, they have added cute little William to their family so I got to meet him too!  Will is 7 months old and this.close to sitting up by himself.  He wasn’t super smiley on Friday night for photos, but he did great despite the chilly wind gusts.  Miss Isabel is 4 1/2 and just the sweetest little girl!  She is so smart and has an amazing vocabulary!  She was talking to me about all kinds of things—-I loved it!

We met up at Mt. Falcon Park and the light was so gorgeous!  After several days of rain, the sun was finally shining.  Yay!  It was a bit chilly when the wind would blow, but overall the kids did amazing and I love all of the various photo image combinations that we were able to capture!

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