There were just too many great shots from this session to narrow them down!  The kids (and dogs) did great, the weather cooperated with us and we had beautiful light, and the fall colors hung around just enough after a big snowstorm to still look lovely.

I love getting to see Josh, Erin, Alli, and Kenzie every fall!  This year they brought along Erin’s mom (Kathy), Erin’s sister (Caitlyn), and brother-in-law (Connor)—-just like the first year we met in 2015 at Fly’n B Park.

Each family brought along their dog so we had 3 dogs and 2 kids.  I was a bit worried about that so I bought a squeaky dog toy to get the dogs (and humans) attention—-ha!  It worked great and everyone did a FANTASTIC job!  I was truly impressed with how great Alli and Kenzie did and loved so many of the images we captured that evening.  Here are a few of my favorites from a couple weeks ago at Hildebrand Ranch Park in Littleton.

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