It has been such a pleasure to see Maggie grow into the beautiful, young woman she has become over the last several years!  I have been in a prayer group with her mom, Lisa, for the last 5 or 6 years.  I met Maggie shortly after meeting Lisa.  Maggie is my daughters’ favorite babysitter so it will be sad when she is off to college next year!

Lisa, Maggie, and I had a blast last week driving around together from a tennis court to the HR Mansion to Sunset Hill in Littleton.   It was so hard to only pick a few favorites from our session together, but here is a preview.  We met just after a rain storm, so check out the cool rainbow in the first picture!

_MG_5539 _MG_5542 _MG_5546 _MG_5547 _MG_5558 _MG_5572 _MG_5581 Littleton senior photographer portrait high school class of 2017 Highlands Ranch Mansion D'Evelyn tennis _MG_5601 _MG_5609 _MG_5612 _MG_5615 _MG_5619 _MG_5620 _MG_5624 _MG_5629 _MG_5636 _MG_5639 Littleton senior photographer D'Evelyn high school portrait session class of 2017 _MG_5647