It was great to see this big, wonderful, fun family again!   We met up on a hot evening at the Lakewood Heritage Center and attempted to get group and individual family photos.  Some of the kiddos weren’t in the best moods (we were all hot, tired, and hungry), but I think we still managed to get some memorable shots of {almost} everyone together since they were missing Teresa and her husband from this trip.

It was just before sunset so the lighting was great!  Here are some of the images:

Littleton Lakewood extended family photographer big families people _MG_4742 _MG_4737b _MG_4701 _MG_4632 _MG_4644_MG_4534b _MG_4597 _MG_4584 _MG_4621_MG_4568 _MG_4509 _MG_4504_MG_3088_MG_3119_MG_3152