Gina contacted me a few weeks ago since she and her fiancé were going to be visiting Colorado to see family.   They live in Michigan, but recently got engaged and wanted their engagement photos to look the opposite of Michigan.   Ha!

Ryan’s cousin is a past client of mine (thank you, April!) and heard about me through her.  We decided to meet at Red Rocks Amphitheatre since that awesome place just screams “classic Colorado”.  We had an absolute blast too!   It had snowed the day before, but was warm and sunny on the morning we met.  There was still some patches of snow here and there so it made a gorgeous backdrop for a gorgeous couple.

Gina and Ryan are so in love and adorable together!   I barely had to give them any kind of guidance in their posing—–they just did what came naturally.   I wish them all the best (and selfishly wish they lived in CO instead of Michigan).   🙂

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