I had the unique opportunity to photograph Joseph popping the question to his girlfriend, Julie, this weekend!  He had it all planned out to the smallest detail and it was so exciting to be in on the secret!

I arrived at the Stone Mountain Lodge in Lyons about 30 minutes before Joseph and Julie.  The florist was there to put fresh, beautiful flowers on the arbor.  Julie had told Joseph that she didn’t want to start looking at wedding venues until there was a ring on her finger.  Joseph found this place and learned that they had limited dates still available so he put a deposit down for August 31st.  He wanted to propose in the same spot that they will say their vows in less than 6 months.

My “cover story” was that I was there with Rachel (the florist) to enhance my photography portfolio and scope out the grounds for any future weddings.  Julie totally bought it!  As her and Joseph wandered over to the beautiful arbor, Julie said, “This is the most beautiful arbor I have ever seen!”

I had borrowed a friend’s zoom lens so that I could be as inconspicuous as possible.  It was so romantic and exciting!  I wish Joseph and Julie all the best!

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