If you have ever gone through the process of adoption, you know that there are a lot of emotional ups and downs.  Rich and Crystal have been in the process of adopting their daughter, Elena, for almost two years.   Obviously, documenting this tremendously joyous occasion was a big deal and I was so honored that they asked me to help.

I haven’t known Rich and Crystal for very long, but we have a lot of friends in common and now attend the same church.  I am pretty much an “open book” and so is Crystal so we have no problems talking and I look forward to getting to know her even better.

Rich is a quiet, kind man who also is responsible for creating my awesome photography website!  If you are looking for someone that knows a lot about tech-y stuff (which I do not!), Rich is your man.

Here is a preview of some of the cute photos we got the other night.  I just love this precious family and am so, so happy for them to finally be OFFICIAL!  Woo hoo!

_MG_2689Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-97Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-76Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-2

Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-24Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-20

Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-87Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-60 Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-63 Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-70 Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-51Rich, Crystal, and Elie (July 2013)-78