Jodi’s parents were visiting from NEW ZEALAND for a month and she wanted to get updated family photos at the same time as their visit.  Plus, their au pair, Maria, will be going home to Germany soon.  I loved hearing Jodi and her parents speak—-those New Zealand and Australian accents are my favorite!

I always love seeing these 4 sweet little kids too.  They are all getting so big!   When I first met Kash and Jodi four years ago, they were barely surviving with 4 kids under four years old.  Now the kids are all potty trained and getting so independent!   I think that is one of the best parts of my job—-seeing families grow and change!

We met at Michael Northey Park in Arvada last week.  The morning was overcast so we were able to pop over to Standley Lake as well for a few shots with the foothills behind them in some of the images.